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Louis Sullivan, Carson Pirie Scott Building, Chicago, 1899

"The plant organism derives its impulse from the Seed-Germ, and in its growth develops sub-centers of further growth. The seed-germ may thus be considered also as a container of energy, forming of its own will sub-centers of energy in the course of its functioning development toward the finality of its characteristic form - the expression of its identity."

— Louis Sullivan, 1922

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Fibonacci Sequence Print (60x80 cm)

Fibonacci, Italian mathematician of the 12th century.

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"I don’t know about anyone else,but I believe a galloping horse is one of the most beautiful sights that can be seen by a human eye.I love the way their ears prick forward,then pin back against the neck.I love the way they flare their nostrils. I love the way you can see their muscles moving and the way their mane and tail billow back.It’s just a sight of pure joy,and freedom.Just looking at it makes you get chills down your spine."

- Kaeli Bartholomew