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'Ellens Gesang III, S. 558 No. 12 “Ave Maria” (Transcribed from Schubert, D. 839)' by Valentina Lisitsa [Valentina Lisitsa Plays Liszt, 2013]


'Quiero Ser Tu Sombra' by Luis Salinas [Tango, 2007]


Imany - Take Care - The Shape of a Broken Heart


David Lynch & Lykke Li | I’m Waiting Here


"Astrakan cafe"로 내 머리속에 각인 된 아누아르 브라헴을 ECM 전시회에서 다시 만났다. "Astrakan cafe”음반 대형 포스터와 이 음반을 건졌다.


Bjork, ‘I’ve Seen It All ft. Thom Yorke’

from Selma Songs: Music from the Motion Picture Dancer in the Dark (2000)

‘Dancer in the Dark’ was the first Lars von Trier film I ever saw. Pre Netflix, it was a bitch finding foreign films but luckily Hollywood Video had a decent selection.